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About Us

Our pizzas are awesome

Our pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough (a minimum of 20 hours) it’s cooked hot and fast which locks in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture giving an easily digestible base. As a result the edges (or cornicione if you want to be fancy) is delicious and you shouldn’t discard it. You know what they say about eating your crusts.

We use local products as much as possible.

Our meat is sourced from local farmers who rear their animals with love and care and have freedom to roam and graze on our beautiful fells.

Our veggies are fresh and taste like summer and of course add to your five a day. Everything is made to order so when it reaches you it’s fresh, hot and scrumptious.

So if you want a meal for one, dinner for two, a family feast, a carpet picnic or a party give us a shout.

Pizza delivery to Ambleside, Grasmere, Windermere, Landgale, Skelwith Fold and Hawkshead.

We also have a wood fired sourdough pizza restaurant based in Bowness on Windermere called Base Pizza. Find us at basepizzaplace.co.uk  and on instagram @base_pizza

The Sourdough Pizza Company